Ben is a blade who can identify a Bey just by looking at it. He can get over confident with 1 move for instance his Ray Striker's speed boost move. He started off #2 in the group (him, Kieran and Ethan) but soon Kieran became stronger during constant battling so he then dropped to 3rd but is still considered tough. He and Kieran make the ultimate battling team. In Leone's Roar , Ben developed an interesting launched in which he would jump into the air and then launch with incredible power. This would result in his opponent's Bey landing first then Striker then being able to smash the opponent with an incredibly large amount of power. At first though it caused Ben to lose a lot of time in order to defeat his opponent but after some training against Kieran, he finally got the hang of it but that was the time which Kieran started getting up to Ben's level of battling.


Ben can get cocky if versing a blader who he's defeated before but that makes him easy prey so that's why Kieran started being able to beat him. He is also confident with his ability to analyze a Bey in a split second.


Ben controls the Bey known as Ray Striker D125CS which is powerful in boosting it's speed, defensive capabilities and Stamina.