Ethan is a strong and willful Blader. He spends most of his time blading of course. He can end up being reckless if not cautious in mid-battle. His Bey is Rock Leone 145WB which is literally a wild beast on the loose. Ethan'll take on any challenge anytime, as long as he ain't doing something at that time.


At first Ethan was wild like his Bey Leone, crushing any opponent until he fought Ben in which he calmed down a bit afterwards. He then started to appreciate having Ben and Kieran around constantly but that was simply because they were decent in battling though he doesn't dare admit that having friends is important.


Ethan has only been seen with Rock Leone 145WB. He hasn't dared to perhaps alter the parts to make Leone better as Ethan states that Leone can take down anything with it's original power although when he's alone he admits to himself that Leone does need some form of upgrade.


  • Ethan never used to be so reckless. He only became reckless like this when Leone came to it's original strength.
    • Kieran and Ben have both returned Ethan to a slightly softer side of himself though he can still unleash the beast inside of him.