Lightning L-DragoEdit

Lightning L'Drago

Lightning L-Drago is the only Bey in the world that rotates to the left making all attacks it makes have a very high attack power. However, Lightning is an irrelevant term for this Bey as instead of a Lightning dragon, it is actually a Dark one and knows no limits of destruction. It possesses an evil power for that, when hitting and opponent, steals it spin strength and turns it into one of its own. This is the main reason for it been unbeatable. James uses this Bey and it has battled beyond the point of standard point of breaking but somehow it still holds. It has 2 modes - Normal and Uppercut. Normal mode is used when first launched and used to steal spin strength. When a special move is used, Uppercut mode is activated and the damage from clashing with this bey increases dramatically. Even in normal mode it still deals a lot of damage as on the Energy Ring (L-Drago) there are 3 parts that resemble the top of a 3 headed dragon's heads (in total) and the Fusion Wheel (Lightning) has 4 blades underneath each Dragon head and along with the speed of rotation, all of these heads and blades dig into the opponent causing massive damage.

Special MovesEdit

Dragon Emperor - Soaring Bite Strike: This move unleashes the 3-headed Dragon within but it spilts off into 3 dragons and performs a Combo move and fights the opposing Bey high into the sky and then slams it back down. No one has been known to counter, survive or dodge this move.