Rock Leone 145WBEdit

Rock Leone
Rock Leone 145WB
145WB is one of the original Beyblade Spirit Beys. It features a Lion and is a Defensive Bey. 145 is a high Spin Track but is easily defeated by low Attack Beyblades. Wide Ball is it's performance tip. Wide Ball is perfect for keeping balance as long as Rock Leone has enough Stamina in it to do so. It had the ability to manipulate the wind and create vortexes in use of defence and attack. Although it's a defensive bey, it still has incredible attacking strength. It belongs to Ethan.

Special MovesEdit

  1. Lion Gale Force Wall - Leone's first and most common Special move. It creates a Hurricane keeping any Bey from getting through.
  2. King Lion Whirlwind Sabre - Leone's second Special Move. Leone flies through the air in a Tornado similar to Lion Gale Force Wall only with 25% of the original power and slams the opponent. This move is usually used to send an opponent flying into something.
  3. King Lion Tearing Blast - If 1 tornado isn't enough then Leone will go for 4 or more with it's Tearing Blast Move.